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    -[Added] BECMI option in options menu

    For this (and what this exactly means) plus other updates please see the video linked below.

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    -[Added] D6 skill roll option for thieves is selected in the options menu (sidebar). This is scripted for RAW. When selected it will only roll thief skills and only for a thief class or multiclass thief as a d6 vice default d100. DM's will still need to set the success chance however it will no longer reset after leveling.
    - Tweaked how multiclassing works and cleaned up the code
    -[Added] Ability effects. STR CON DEX CHA INT WIS. (example STR:4) The effect will appear next to attribute and automatically update modifiers.

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    - Reworked spells and item records to improve readability and work better with other themes.
    - [Added] a versatile field on weapons tab of item record.
    - [Added] link to weapons list on main tab of character sheet. Clicking item link and checking versatile block will change the damage field and hide the dual wield fields.
    - [FIXED] When dropping spells onto character sheet it will now layout the buttons correctly based on selections in the spell record
    - [Updated] the type field on spells. It is no longer a cycler. This will enable users to enter custom class/spell types.

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    - IFT conditional effects are now live. Look at 5e wiki for formatting.
    - Damage types are implemented. These go in the property field for weapons and spells. An update to both Tomes was sent to Necrotic Gnome with property values and a few minor fixes.
    - Weapons can now drag and drop onto NPC attacks
    - Updated Combat Tracker to use Core RPG
    - Lots of frame tweaks to improve readability and compatibility with new FG build.

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    [FIXED] Bug in which AC was not properly being calculated when toggling the "carried" button

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    -[Fixed] Error when adding an encounter to CT using the bottom "add CT" button
    -[Fixed] damage type is blunt (not bludgeoning)
    -[Fixed] immunities and resistance were not properly processing when multiple effect lines were used (containing resist or immune) on the CT
    -[Fixed] frames adjusted on spell record to enable you to utilize the add and edit buttons on spell effects.

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    -Adjusted character sheet to use Core RPG templates
    -[FIXED] Using optional weapon proficiency rules bonuses were not being properly applied.

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    [Updated] Group initiative to check for same faction vice same record type

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    [FIXED] In some instances negative strength modifiers were not being applied to melee damage rolls.

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    -[FIXED] an error with the turn undead roller on the client side
    -[FIXED] missing template on the character sheet
    -[UPDATED] damage type to "magicalfire" (one word)
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