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    -[Fixed] when adding halfling RACE initiative modifier will now automatically adjust.
    -[Fixed] Reaction Rolls now appropriately add all modifiers. On a "Reroll" result it will also automatically reroll.
    - Applying effects after a monster spell save now works like other rulesets in FG. No retargeting required. Creatures that save a spell that has an effect (no effect on save) will not have the spell effect placed on them.
    - [Item Records] Weapon damage die is now a string field vice die field. This update will automatically update all your item records (purchased or otherwise). This allows for custom weapon entries. Example: A bastard Sword in CC3 is 1d6+1.
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    -[Fixed] bug where dropping damage from chat onto a token for a range attack resulted in an error
    - Reformatted NPC attacks on Combat Tracker.

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    - Added size defensive bonus automation for incoming NPC attacks. Use "Defensive Bonus:#"

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    -[Fixed] NPC windowlists will now lock (Courtesy ST)
    -Reconfigured several frames/fonts in NPC record for consistency and compatibility with custom themes
    - Add a wound overlay to tokens. Adapted with permission of DaddyOgreman.

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    Nice update today!
    -[Fixed] On a rest it will now heal 1d3 for all pcs.
    -Added a menu option to roll all non friendly initiatives.
    -Overlays are in for effects that restrain you or make you helpless.
    -Reconfigured NPCs Powers tab. I scripted it to auto update to new format when you open an NPC record. This should be seamless. Please report any issues!
    -Updated sizes of several buttons
    -Fixed the spell detail frame so it is no longer "cutoff"

    Next update I am looking to add vehicles for siege weapons or to allow for a fan made homebrew sort of thing (like a Dark Sun Conversion).

    NPC powers.png



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    - Vehicles Records are now LIVE. Including full integration with Combat Tracker. In the coming days I am going to build them out in the Advanced Fantasy Tome and send it over to NG to post.
    - Added psionics and wild talents to spell type to support Dark Sun on OSE. Please provide feedback on things you may want on the spell tab in the feedback thread.

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    -[Fixed] NPC spells should now apply damage when a Player is targeted. When I revamped the NPC powers I inserted this error!
    -[Fixed] Updated several frames.

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    -[Fixed] NPC spells descriptions and data will now properly display when clicking on the shortcut link. You may need to REVERT your module in existing campaigns for the fix to take effect.
    - Migrated some controls on spell records to Core RPG templates.

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    - Updated the FGBX converter extension (Free on Forge) that is used to convert NPCs from modules(1e/2e) purchased on FG store. Simplified the code and now it saves the map links.
    - Updated the ruleset to integrate new Core RPG update
    -[Fixed] Turn Tracker. Hitting the button to advance 8 hours no longer lags the game.
    -[Fixed] You can now drag dice from spell damage and heal buttons to target tokens or entries on the CT. (prior you had to ctrl+ left click or drag from chat)

    Things coming:

    - Add a Lore Skill roll to front of character sheet for Bards
    - Automate the application of Defensive Bonus:2 when small races are added to CT

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    -[Fixed] Encounter records will now apply the optional HP and overwrite the NPC record.
    -Changed how HP and wounds are handled to be more in line with the 2e/5e rulesets. The wounds box is now visible on the character sheet and editable by the player
    -Tweaked the turn tracker on the CT. Please report any issues with lagging your game.
    -[Fixed] a bug where the host CT would open for a player (oops sorry!)
    -Holding shift while rolling the damage for weapon attacks will not double the damage once applied. This is to simulate backstab or taking a charge.
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