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    [FIXED] In some instances adding 0 HD creatures to CT via an encounter record would cause an error if the random HP option was selected.

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    -[UPDATED] formatting on spell tab to better display when resizing windows.

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    - Updated Party Sheet to work with new Core RPG update.

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    FIXED] The effects script to properly check for "active flag" This bug led to issues when trying to roll attacks and damage for Actors not on combat tracker coupled with the presence of custom effects created in the campaign (those located in the effects window top right of sidebar)

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    - Monster/NPC HD will now update when HD is changed and the block loses focus. The default Saves are now set to a NH (0 HD).

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    -Added and/or/plus/- combo box to NPC weapon attacks
    - Updated a CT script that could throw an error when updating the turn tracker.

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    - Changed how the weapons list on Main tab of character sheet functions.
    * You can now right click to create or drop weapons directly onto the list
    * You can now right click to delete
    * Unequipping a weapon does not remove it from the list (behaves like other FG rulesets)
    * The melee range selector now has a new icon for versatile weapons
    * Deleting a weapon from inventory removes the weapon (behaves like other FG rulesets)

    This update was done to eliminate an item transfer bug from PS to characters inventory. Please post on the feedback/bug thread if you encounter any issues.

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    - [FIXED] Encounter records will now correctly calculate experience.

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    - Adjusted attack modifier for two weapon fighting if BECMi is enabled. ( main - 0 off - -4)

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