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    Update Thread 1/5/22

    - Fixed a bug where if a player did not place a number after the effect it would throw an error. (ie DMGO: vice DMGO:1 or ATK:2 etc)
    - Changed the behavior of the weapons window. This will fix the ammo bug. Also any item that is equipped and has weapon in its type or subtype will display in the list.
    - Adjusted graphics slightly. In FG dark theme a few of the images appeared to be off the character sheet.
    - Adjusted CT behavior with regard to NPCs. All you should notice is that when an NPC dies he turns red. the interaction between wounds and current HP works more like the 5E ruleset. No changes were made on the player side. This change allows DMs to customize/vary monster hit points.

    Thanks for all the feedback! As a side note The Advanced Players Tome is getting updated to add/fix a few spells and to fix the category issue in skills and items. A few of the game adventures are also being updated to reflect typos or errors.
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    Update 1/14/22

    - Updated a few more fonts in the experience sub window on the character sheet to work with FG dark theme.
    - Fixed a bug where strength bonus was not being properly applied to damage rolls and minimum damage was broken ( a negative damage roll!). Thanks Ron

    Thank you for the bug reports! Also be on the look out for some color tokens in the ref tome very very soon!

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    Update 1/21/22
    - Fixed an issue where players could not double click their portrait and select an image.

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    Group Initiative has been implemented. Select the option in the options menu. Roll NPC initiative on the Combat Tracker under the attacks sub menu. One player rolls from Character sheet and entire group updates.

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    -Updated the check performed on when to show the level up button. In some instances it was throwing an error.
    -Updated the tooltip for Friend/Foe on the Combat tracker. Also quit reading my tooltips
    -Updated HP roller so characters will not longer die on CC. But you will get Trolled.

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    -Fixed a bug were AC was not updating properly (introduced on 1/22 patch)

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    -Updated frames on CT to work with Matt Kure's Clear the Dead Extension
    -Fixed an error that would occasionally arise when first creating a character(Don't drink and script!)
    -Moved the Adv Fantasy Tome race option to options menu! The toggle is no longer on the character sheet.

    Thanks for all the feedback keep it up!

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    BIG update today. New post shortly with more details.
    - Added multiclass option
    -Added the long promised turn tracker
    -Updated some frames to controls that did not have them. Should work with all FG store themes. please report any issues.(BUT please Make sure it is not caused by your custom font extensions)
    - Changed the sidebar "Skills" to "Abilities" . You can still use them for custom skills and drop them on character sheets but really the base games used them for class abilities. Skills should be added via the Class record (see thief and assassin data tabs) This will not impact any homebrew stuff you are doing whatsoever.
    - Fixed a bug with my Adv race options menu addition
    - BLEED effect now has same effect as DMGO. Both can be use don the CT. Bleed just makes more sense.

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    - Fixed duration of Candle, Lantern, and Torch ( Its been wrong since release but Turn tracker caught it!)
    - Changed Daily button on turn tracker to a variable number of hours.

    Next update will be in week or two. Looking to add racial the resiliency bonus to character sheet and a surprise roll button.

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    - fixed issue where turn tracker returned an error when advancing to next round
    -tweaked attack roller so an ac above 12 will not throw an error(why is your ac above 12? That is the real question)

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