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    Rolemaster Campaign Starting

    campaign is full.

    session 5 has just concluded.

    brief history:

    This is the world of Marrin. It is the year 1022 of the Second Era, Fireseed month, the 8th. (we use the RMC calendar)

    The 1st era ended with the defeat of Nyarlothotep at the battle of Domcles.

    You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Urn, located on the continent of A'Mur. You were born on the continent of O'Mur in either Wildred or Port Verbosh.

    The local economy is changing from lumbering to mining. Attacks upon the miners has caused them, huntsmen and the few loggers, to retreat to the Guard Tower, which defends the bridge crossing the river Dawn.

    The party is formed to escort supply wagons from Wildred to the Tower. They are intercepted by goblins, whom are defeated. a burnt note with the name Gritch is found, along with a fire crystal. The party continues to the Tower, only to be greeted by the devastation of a recent battle.

    They meet up with Boris Flint, the Capt. of the garrison. He informs the party of the 2 attacks on the bridge and the use of fire crystals. The party reports the attack upon them and the findings. Boris gives the party 3 options. Take an example of a fire crystal to the Count in Verbosh, Investigate a waterfall, where a scout went missing, or cross the river Dawn in search of the goblin camp.

    The party elected to investigate the waterfall. they find a treacherous passage way down, that ended in a lion pit trap, and the discovery of the missing scout. avoiding the trap, the party continued on thru the caverns beyond. they are attacked by a roving band of goblins. defeating the goblins they press on, discovering a goblin supply room. after defeating the goblins in the supply room, a statue to Gritch is found, and a rune is rolled in it's hand. Shalla, a gnome illusionist, reads the runes and drops it, hissing.."mentalism!!" the party gathers a few supplies and burns the rest. One of the party is not disturbed by the rune, and carries it with them.

    exiting the waterfall, they returned to the tower. the tower is under almost constant attack from goblins shooting fire crystals from a distance. Reporting their findings, Boris is even more concerned with the addition of that "illegal"rune. The party is once again given 3 options. Same as before, but to discover exits from the caverns this time. The party elected to take the lockbox to the Count.

    They travel 8hrs to Wildred and rest. The following morning they head to Port Verbosh. On the way there, they are attacked twice by brigands. Both attacks are defeated, and ransom notes and gem payments for the lockbox are found on the bodies. Reaching Verbosh, the party finds that the Count is still 2 - 3 day out at sea, returning from the capital, The Citadel.

    The party is instructed to go to the Crooked Elbow Inn and Tavern and await the Dukes return. Room and Board will be paid for, along with 2 meals a day. The party members are shown to their rooms, and this is where we currently stand in the Frontier Adventures.

    The party returns to Port Verbosh and returns the lock box to the Duke. Returning to the Crooked Elbow to meet up with Kyrtaar, who has asked the party to help him explore the Ancient Moors. Loremaster Temerik has commissioned Kyrtaar. The party hires wagons, drivers, and boats to cross over the Fens to get to a cave Kyrtaar had spotted earlier. Entering the cave, they are set upon by skeletons. The party has just turned them in to dust and will be continuing on in session 6.

    we play every thursday at 630pm EST. new and experienced players are welcome.

    here are a discord link and an event link. join the discord, then join the event to reserve your seat at the table. i am looking for 5 players, we currently have 2 seats open. if you are interested, please @Immelmann in discord and we can set a time to roll up your character and explain special rules / background
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    we have 4, need 1 more.

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    lost 1. 2 spaces open. 3.5hrs till start.

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    Wow, rolemaster, haven't played that in a long time! How is the ruleset for FGU, any good?

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    next session is wed the 12th at 6pm EST. there is a spot open still.
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    Unfortunately I'll be at work. Ah well

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    3rd session today at 6pm EST. i have 2 spots open.

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    after being delayed almost 4 hours, the party sets off with medical and food supplies for the 150 troops that marched the day before, to the Guard Tower. as they approached the Klein forest, the sun was setting.

    the back of the hairs on max's neck then stood up. he informs the group, there is some thing watching us from the forest. the wagons stop, the drivers stand, and every one turns and looks at the forest. suddenly, the lead driver takes an arrow thru the throat, and crumbles to the ground. and arrow sizzles by arden's ear and impacts the 2nd wagon. otto spots one of the archers and looses an arrow from his longbow. it strikes the little green thing in the arm. it squeals and disappears in the forest. three green things then charge out of the forest towards the group. max moves forward to meet the attack, otto drops his bow and readies his woodsmen's ax. edmond checks the fallen driver, but he is dead.

    the battle ends with the little green things, or goblins as max was able to identify, defeated, but the one archer was never found. instead the group finds a small camp in the forest. otto spots what looked like a coin purse, but it contain a crystal, with a red glow in it's center. edmond spots a partial note in the fire pit. max happens to know a smattering of goblin, and is able to determine that the legible part of the note says, "nasty tower", "stop road traffic" and it is signed by Gritch.

    they return to the wagons, heal themselves and press on. 1.5hrs later, they come across survivors. dwarven miners, woodsmen, huntsmen, and even wounded soldiers. they inform the party that they were late, they were attacked earlier in the night. 100s of them. capt. flint, leader of the garrison, fought off two attacks, both of which used acorn and volley ball sized fire crystals. the glow on the horizon is evident of the fires burning at the tower. they press on to the tower. fires are every where, intentional and unintentional. piles of goblin bodies are being burned. ritualistic funeral pyres are made near the tower. the group meets flint. flint is angered by the attack on the group. this means the goblins have slipped past their lines.

    flint asks the group for help. otto joins the garrison, and the rest of the party agrees to investigate a cave behind a waterfall. perhaps clues can be found there, as one scout has disappeared there, and the 2nd one returned saying the cave leads to a passage, a VERY steep passage. treacherous for any one, even her, a gnome. this gnome, shalla baal, joins the party and leads them to the waterfall. arden, a half elf, uses his darkvision and climbing skills to descend the passage. he sees the bottom flatten out, but the passage is blocked by several boulders filling the passageway. he is about to climb all the way down, when an extraordinary perception roll reveled two 10' deep tiger traps. the missing scout in one of them.

    the rest of the party descends safely and continued to a T intersection. failing to notice any thing to the right, they head left. max, a common man with a torch, pulls ahead of the party. he holds his torch high as he looks at the ceiling, keeps walking, and fails to notice the 20' drop. he literally walks of the edge. result.....severally bruised kidney and out 2rnds. edmond climbs down the ladder, THAT IS OBVIOUSLY THERE, and renders aid to max. at that moment, shalla and arden here noises from where they came. arden shouts down to edmond, we are going to have company!!! 4 goblins attack shalla and arden. shalla gets a blur spell off on arden, who swings and takes out the 1st goblin with a dart right thru it's eye. shalla takes a vicious hit from another goblin, yells to edmond to HURRY THE FUQ UP!! edmond climbs the ladder and manages to use his staff sling, and trip the goblin attacking shalla. the other 2 goblins try to attack arden, but are confused by the blur. edmond engages his goblin, arden severely wounds another. max is able to orientate himself and climbs the ladder. shalla casts another blur on edmond, but every one else misses their attacks. max climbs the ladder and advances. the goblin are then defeated.

    this where the group is at in my Frontier Adventures campaign. we still have 2 spots open. our next session is looking to be this saturday at 6pm EST. if you are interested in joining, please join our discord using the link above in an earlier post. please arrive an hour early to roll up your character, as once we start, no character creation. or you can PM me an earlier time and i will get back to ya.

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    looking for 2 more at 6pm EST

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