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    Ok, I downloaded the one you uploaded and it works great, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yako2020 View Post
    I don't know if I got it right, but I'll explain what I understand: I calculate the difference between my level and the level of the monster. This value is the multiplier that will be used for critics. Example: The difference between my level and the monster level is 3, i.e. I would put it in the Was is 3 field. So I made an attack on it that caused a Solo Critic type C, I would score 1 on the field, but as foe is 3, this value would be multiplied by 3 and in case I put the fillable field precisely to serve at first as a reminder.
    If the Monster was level 5 and you are level 2, then the difference would be three.

    In your example of a C crit, you would put 3 into the Norm Column at C, or Solo since you mentioned that (Ardem said it could be either in his reply that I linked).

    So with your Crit example it would look like this:

    At least that is how I understand Ardem's reply.

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    II understood, is in fact is what had really understood, and I remember that had been commented on the link that posted, but still thank you.

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    Sulimo - thanks for this update.

    I've been experiencing the same error message since the last update.

    Thanks - Rainbird

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    What would make it truly great is if it automatically put in the crit and kill points based on the table resolver, I mean all the data is there, the creature level, the crit level etc. I realize there are some modifications that can be made to the xp values, but at least it puts the base values in there as a starting point. In practical use, as a GM I would have to back to the battle logs and manually enter all the damage and crit values, and even though this tool makes this a lot easier, I don't think I would want to do this during game play as it slow things down (which is one the major flaws of RM!).

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    Yes, all of that is much easier to get to with the Table Resolver changes that added the Apply button and the NPC critical modifications. So it is definitely possible but those changes were only done last year and the Table Resolver is the most complicated part of the ruleset. Also there are a few more considerations when implementing it that I really need to figure out before starting down that path. Will it be done? Yes, eventually but no idea when.

    In the meantime, the manual process needs to be used or some other way of figuring out XP. I haven't used the RM rules for XP in decades. I just use milestones and tell the party they made a level but if it was automated in FG then I would likely use it for some campaigns where it is appropriate.

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