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    LFP Sunday Homebrew 1PM PST

    The Magical Land Of Valandria is meant to be an escape from our world! It's filled with wonder and mystery! From the Boiling Desert to the Mossy Void the world of Valandria holds so many surprises! Join me as we uncover this world and create memories that will last a lifetime!

    This is an Ongoing campaign with heavy Roleplay aspects. We are beginner-friendly and willing to show anyone the ropes. If you have questions about the world or the campaign my discord is below. I have spent hours pouring into the details of this world in an effort to create a DND experience like no other. I have used voice actors to narrate sections of the world as well as hired professional writers to help with world-building. COME JOIN THE ADVENTURE! this is a donation based game so no payment is required but if you can spare some cash occasionally it is appreciated.

    Had a Member drop out due to life conflicts. Adults only Add me on discord for more information and a faster response @ Tman8715#2718 We meet at 1 pm PST every sunday

    Apply using this format:






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    Name: GWK/Alex

    Age: 28

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Experience: Journeyman as player and DM

    Expectations: None

    Discord: Grey Wolf#6723

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    Name: Vytas

    Age: 21

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Experience: 2 years across 2 cancelled and an abruptly finished campaign.

    Expectations: High quality long campaign with pleasant people at the table who hopefully will become my longtime friends and with whom I will be glad to share and progress the story of my character I’m figuring out now.

    Discord: Cyren41k#3821

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