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    Story data versus Reference Manual data... which is better for making an adenture?

    I stumbled across a button labelled "Builder" inside FG. I played around with it and I was so impressed I decided to reproduce the entire contents of a very short adventure in FG in MoreCore rule set. After I was finished, I was very happy with the ease of use and the functionality of Builder. However, I noticed that the so-called story entries are now reference manual entries. Any advice? Other than the awkward label of "reference manual" when you open up the mod file, it really does look and feel awesome. Are adventures now made in Builder?

    Another question... I noticed that my images inside my reference manual pages cannot be shared as only images. It seems that the enter page comes up. I can easily add a link to an image directly below the image embedded in the page. Clicking on the link opens up only the image and that can be shared. Is that the best way to create easily shared images inside the reference manual?


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    See video twenty six here https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...112#post492112

    Your images should be shareable. I suspect you haven’t added then to the campaign first.

    The builder is there to create a reference manual which does not replace story entries, but rather compliments them
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    First, quoting from that link that Damned posted... "no longer needing Story records in new products"

    Second, in an attempt to figure this out, I thought I might look at how the adventure Destroyer of Worlds in ALIEN was done. I was shocked to find BOTH!

    What the hell is going on.JPG

    You can see the exact same text in both Story and Reference Manual. However, Reference Manual has navigation menus and buttons, embedded images and fancy graphics such as frames. As I said, the only thing I can do better with the Story version is share that image quickly with the players. I cannot share it from the Reference Manual version. That image IS in the image folder, so no, that is not the problem. But it is easily worked around. You just need to add a link to the record in the image folder just below the actual image.

    Anyways, it was more a learning exercise than anything else.

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    After reading that other thread, I know understand that yes RefMan will replace Story once they get a few issues ironed out. Makes sense. The RefMan looks so much better. Whoever made that did a great job with it. I will mention the image sharing problem in the other thread.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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    While I was converting Alien and Vaesen products, I wanted to have the best of both worlds:
    - Immutable and well formatted digital version of the product in Reference Manual that is easy to use for reading and referencing (pun intended) at any given time
    - Stories you can edit and resize at your convenience, as I have seen people doing on streams (even if I don't use stories much)

    Yes, it took me extra effort and XML work to make the RefMan for the adventure, but I believe it was worth it.
    For the future, I won't be sad to see Stories go if we can resize the refman pages (because we can link them anyway). Maybe the usage of the Story library will be for custom campaign and to "copy" refman page that you edited, keeping the original intact?
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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    spoofer I would continue to enter in Story and then use Author to bring it into the Builder. Its very clever.
    I would whole heartily agree, I've been playing around with Author and the builder and at first I was like what is this devilry but now it's awesome tool.

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