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    Lost Mine of Phandelver maps

    Hi all,

    Just started using FG, having the first session with players tonight. We ran only a first session on Roll20 before I found Fantasy Grounds and when the Christmas sale started I went on a shopping spree. Anyway, I started making maps for LMoP where they are missing.

    First one was the Goblin Ambush on Triboar Trail and I also finished Old Owl Well today.
    Old Owl Well contains basic Line of Sight for FG as well. If you want to use the maps I have them in a personal GitHub repo, so go get them if you wish to use them. I will update and create more of the missing maps as I have time.


    Note: The Goblin ambush has a Beer Barrel in the bush is there because my PC's put one there to make sure at least one would remain when they get back from the hideout
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    My shared battlemaps and other material on GitHub

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    Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to start my first campaign. This is very helpful

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