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    Is there a way to apply crit reduction to PCs?

    I was thinking of making the game a little less deadly for PCs and would like to reduce the crits by 2 factors. Is there any way to automate this? Thanks.

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    I don't think there is a way to automatically do what you want.

    You could either do it manually as the GM (just select a different column), or modify the weapons.

    In this weapon, I've added an Alternate Critical of Slash with a -2 mod (I know it says OB mod, but I am pretty sure it would reduce the severity of the Crit).

    Then I Set the Crit Table to the Alternate Crit #1.

    You'd have to modify every weapon that the Characters/NPCs use though to make it all work.

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    Hi allowishus,

    No, unfortunately, not at this time. I automated the NPC critical modifiers and it never occurred to me to do it for the PCs. I will add it to my list and see about getting it added. In the meantime, you can just change to the appropriate critical severity column before pressing the apply button and it should make the adjustment for you at that point. Also, you can always select something less deadly if you choose and your players won't necessarily know. Just click the new result and use the apply button.


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    In my campaign one or two characters have talents or something that does this and I just do it the manual method mentioned. Go left one column.

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