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    Multiple licenses, same account, different computers question

    If I have multiple FGU licenses linked to my account, can I have my son log in to the same account on a different computer with the other license when we play? I want to purchase an Ultimate license but don't want to just waste my already paid for Standard license. This way he would have a Standard license in case he wanted to play with his friends that don't have an Ultimate license.
    What issues does this raise, or is this something that will work just fine since the license keys will be different. Thank you.

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    So I know the same license key will cause a problem. I don't know if the same forum user name would. I think though you will get the best answer if you ask SmiteWorks via support directly. https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...stomer/portals

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    Thank you. I was able to get this answered through the support page.

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    Could you share that answer with other people looking for this information?

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    Sure. The short answer to my question is it will not work. You need to be logged into your account to play, so one license per account.
    The long answer is I didn't realize there was an upgrade discount that basically credits the cost of the standard license towards the ultimate license. It did not apply that credit when I tried to access it through the website. Support told me to click the Upgrade button on the main screen of Fantasy Grounds Unity. That took me to the proper link to get the discounted upgrade.
    So in the scenario in presented the right answer is upgrade my license. I just needed the proper link. Hopefully that helps.

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