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    Non-Togglable Windows Breaking Token Movement

    Kind of a rehash of this, but on a different campaign and map.

    Unlisted youtube video: https://youtu.be/KkkxF_WelX4

    So, I'm trying to use un-togglable windows instead of terrain line of sight for some things because it blocks token movement, but doesn't block token sight thereby letting my players see beyond the structure. In the video, I'm using these windows LOS to stop movement through a large cask and a shop (the lean-to).

    When the token then moves into the shop tent, it properly stops moving, but then locked movement works inconsistently. I realize the image with still in editor mode, but closing editor mode doesn't consistently fix the issue.

    Posted a link to a similar issue I had found with a togglable wall a while back. It's curious that these are all at an angle as well, though togglable windows, normal (red) walls, and doors all seem to work fine.

    Module link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhlzAvxWHpXyiK1Z...NU7fg?e=0TwO8y (expires Jan 31 2022)
    The map is "BtWL Loomlurch Main" under the "Maps - BtWL Supplement - Thither" group.

    (I think I deleted the untogglable windows before exporting... sorry about that. It should be repeatable on any map.)

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    Smaller file with a different map: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhlzAvxWHpXyiK1a...9dgZQ?e=4fTIyh

    Only map in there. Two carts, a bush, and a couple lamp posts are setup for testing. Seems to break locked movement kind of randomly, but much more consistently with angled structures.

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    Thanks for video and simpler example module. I was able to recreate the scenario after messing around a bit; and I've filed for our image developer to look at when he gets a chance.


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    That’s fantastic news! Thank you so much.

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