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    Agree. It is always a fixing job. I think some tools make that a little easier than other tools. I like ABBY's table handling.


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    I found that ABBY with training - especially on a collection of files using similar fonts/layout starts bad (80% or so), but by the third page, it gets to close to 99% on its own - and has a good interface for checking the quality.

    That said, it is expensive... :-(

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    For free OCR, then check out FreeOCR. Its getting old in that it hasn't been updated since March 2015. It does OCR from PDFs and also images. Works with JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, and PNG. The better the scan (resolution and contrast), the better the results. Output usually needs help and has oddity that it sometimes inserts a single character for a double. One that happens often for me is the string combo "fi" which become the single unicode character 'fi' (&#xFB01 . There's probably a way to fix that, but I haven't figured it out yet. But then, it is free.

    Adobe reader does OCR of PDFs based on images poorly. It doesn't handle text at all which is lighter in color than the background. And does make a lot of errors that need manual adjustment. But then it is free.

    OCR that learns and improves on capture is typically commercial, not free.

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    NOTE: Creatures was mostly done by hand editing the XML
    I never did that. Where i can found some totorial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Widukind View Post
    I never did that. Where i can found some totorial?
    I do not know if there is a tutorial.

    What I did back in 2014-2016 was to pull apart the official ICE modules and examine the XML to see how they were built, then replicating it.

    Now the official modules are in the vault, and cannot be opened up.

    You could probably create a sample Reference Manual using the builder, then export it to see how the XML is structured and build from there.

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