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    LFP - Savage Worlds Adventure Edition - Weird War II

    Do you crave excitement, travel, adventure? Killing Nazis? Then look no further! The OSS is looking for the best, brightest, strongest to take the fight to the enemy. Fight behind the enemy lines sabotaging industry, railroads, bridges. Kill enemy soldiers and officers. Recruit friendly resistance units. Assassinate political leaders. Collect intelligence on troop movements and numbers. Do your part to defeat the Nazis. Join the OSS! This is a SWADE campaign using the Weird Wars II setting. This long-term campaign (my campaigns tend to last several years) will feature heavily cloak-and-dagger activities. Characters will be given wide latitude for operations and won't be railroaded into specific methods to carry out their missions. As the agents become more experienced, the campaign will become more sandbox-oriented as are all of my campaigns. We use FG Unity and Discord for voice. We play every other Wednesday starting at 10pm US CST (GMT -6). Our next session is January 5th. Looking for 1-2 more agents to join a solid group of 5. DM knuckleballned#7420 on Discord if interested for more information. Onward to Victory!

    Did i mention you get to pick your own codename?

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    And don't let lack of experience with either Fantasy Grounds or SWADE/WW2 deter you.
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