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    LF3P for Homebrew Sundays at 7am PST starting Jan 30th 2022

    Hello Fantasy Grounds community!

    I'm excited to begin a new campaign on Fantasy Grounds. We currently have two players ready to join and I'm looking for 3 more to round the group out at 5 players. The game will be every other Sunday at 7am Pacific time starting Jan 30, 2022. The aim is for the game to run until 11am Pacific but may go short/long depending on getting to a good stopping point. However, the game has a hard stop at 11:30am. Also, please be aware that we are only accepting people 18 or older. We will be using discord for voice and video communication during the interview process and during gameplay.

    Brief Campaign Description and Info:
    The world flooded 300 years ago during a cataclysmic magical event brought about by what is now called the All War. During the following 300 years those who were left regrouped and created new towns, cities, and eventually countries. Many of the old loyalties and racial divisions have disappeared. That being the case, you can expect to see Elves mingling with Humans mingling with the more civilized Goblins or Trolls. The races of Human, Elves, and Dwarves make up the largest racial populations although smaller groups of other races exist as well. The campaign begins on an island far to the north in which the Principality of Slonova has recently declared independance from the ancient Balkahr Empire. The area is in upheaval and naval blockades are frequent. This struggle is something the Balkahr Empire can little tolerate as it is already embroiled in a war of succession, leading to the creation of the Urvion Monarchy to its south. The Tal Confederacy to the south east begun to exert pressure on the surrounding islands and strange rumors have been circulating about the wastland of Audin. With all the upheaval the pirates and privateers of the Corsair Isles have increased the frequency of raids.

    Meta info about the campaign:
    - Roughly a 60/40 split between combat and RP
    - Plan on doing some sailing. The world has been flooded and consists of large and small islands and two small continents.
    - Technology level is typical D&D with no gunpowder or firearms. Sorry, no gunslingers or artificers.
    - Although the game is based on 5e, almost all monster stat blocks have been custom recreated. No meta gaming! It won't help!
    - This is a homebrew campaign and some event(s) may occur that don't follow the RAW

    Some basic table rules: (more will be discussed at session 1)
    - No extreme sexual content on the part of the GM, PCs, or NPCs. Keep it PG-13.
    - No discussion of real-life politics.
    - GM rulings are final.
    - Flanking rules are in effect (will clarify during session 1)
    - Help action for skill checks can only be performed if your character has profficiency in that skill. (will clarify during session 1)
    - Characters are created using the standard array
    - During level-up characters take the average health increase
    - PCs cannot chose races that have a permanent flying speed (Aasimir is ok since it's once per long rest and Owlin is not since it's at-will, for example)
    - Only roll if the GM asks for a roll (or if you're rolling to decide how you'll RP a moment). It's important for keeping organized during the game.
    - Try to remain in character at all times unless you need to ask a question or relay out-of-game information

    How to apply:
    We are currently full

    If we like what we see we will reach out to you via discord to conduct a new player interview!
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    Very Respectfully,
    Erik Wick

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