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    Mistakes In Kingdoms Of Mongo

    I've been reading through the entire manual and everything is great until Kira. All spellcasters in the book have Mongomancy as a skill, but not Spellcasting, so all their combat skills are considered 'Unskilled'. And, it's read only so I couldn't fix this myself. I'll update more as I find them, though I'm most the way though and this is all I've found so far.

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    Do you have the "Setting: Flash Gordon" extension loaded for your campaign? It contains the setting to make "Mongomancy" an arcane magic type.


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    Thanks for the Reply, Moon Wizard. Yes, I do have the Flash Gordon Settings extension loaded, and the Flash Gordon Theme.

    I get this either by looking at the NPC's through the link in the manual or by looking them up in the NPC list under Campaigns on the right side. I've attached a picture of Azura's NPC sheet as an example.

    But, now that you mentioned that, it got me curious and I made a quick character. Using only Mongomancy, and not spellcasting, I get the same results. Second screenshot attached.
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    I'll pass along to DLC developer and ruleset developer so they can answer; just wanted to make sure it wasn't something missing.


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    Thanks again, Moon Wizard. I delved a little deeper into this and found the NPC's definitely use Spellcasting as their linked skill. Attached is a screenshot of what I mean.Spellcasting.JPG

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    Also, in the manual under Kira, for New Vehicle, The Combustion Ray Machine is empty when you click the link to go into it.

    Combustion Ray Machine.JPG

    Thanks again!

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    This happened to me, the Arcane Backgrounds got updated and some settings need to be updated to, I believe.


    This thread has a solution that worked until Talyn got it updated properly.
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    I found something else under the Lowlands of Tropica


    I highlighted the problem area at the end of the paragraph. The table does exist, just the link coding on this page is wrong.

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    I found another issue: In the Volcano Region Encounters: Hazard: Lava Plume, the link brings up the Portentia page, not the Lava Plumes page.
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