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    • [FIXED] Error when dropping items on the charsheet inventory

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    v0.74 Spell importer

    • [ADDED] Spell importer (only supports the FFd20 website)

    - Any formatted text gets lost (bold, italic, underline, tables, etc.) and can be constructed manually after the import.
    - After the import, the spell actions get automatically parsed as if you'd pressed on "Parse" in the spell record window.

    See below animation:

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    v0.75 NPC importer and fixes

    • NPC Import
    • Added a cycler for caster types Full|Semi|Partial in the spell class overview. Be careful changing these as they recalculate the available spell level and MP

    • Changed Full|Hlaf|Third to Full|Semi|Partial caster types to be in line with the FFd20 ruleset naming. You can change these now in the cycler to get the correct one.
    • NPC label grp to CM
    • Misc MP now also gets calculated onInit
    • Upped the XP calculation to a maximal CR of 35
    • Parsing of immunities to include multiple word immunities
    • Reconstructure of the NPC Other tab to be more in line with the rest of the sheets, might look a bit different versus the old implementation but works way better
    • Correct formatting in code

    • Full attack from a NPC sheet throwing an error
    • DC calculation on NPC non-functional

    What the NPC importer can handle:

    - ~95% of all FFd20 website bestiary entries are handled completely correct
    - Handling of all main stats, including correct assignment of special qualities, correction of all attack patterns, creation of single attacks where necessary, creation of spell class if needed, auto-setting the correct spell casting stat, auto-adding all spells, if they're available in the campaign itself, auto-adding of blue mage spells if they're available in the campaign itself, constructing the correct description with optional tactics, and more.

    What the NPC import can't handle:

    - Iconics are not supported, these are best done as PCs
    - Bad formatting of an entry can result in not complete data, please enter the rest manually

    Showcase of NPC importing

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    Awesome! Thank you. I just recently found out about Final Fantasy D20 and I am so glad to see this rule set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idward View Post
    Awesome! Thank you. I just recently found out about Final Fantasy D20 and I am so glad to see this rule set.

    Next update will be out today or tomorrow - with the 09-2022 changes.

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    v0.76 Heritages and 09-2022 updates

    • Completely reworked races. Now heritages and alternate racial traits can be added to the race record. If a race has heritages, you can now choose one if you want. For the automation to work right, you have to label the traits the same in the race & heritages.

    • All instances of grapple to cmb
    • Necessary changes for 09-2022 ruleset updates. The order tab is back and other things under the hood (see official release notes)

    • Script error if rolling a saving throw with tags

    There are still two minor things which should not impact gameplay I haven't had time to change/fix for now. I'll get another small update out this week. Then we're going full speed to v0.8 with Limit Breaks!

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    v0.77 Racial trait drops


    • Dropping alternate or heritage traits manually in the traitlist did not work

    There is no need to rewrite the item code at the moment, still works without issues. Maybe later when I have enough free time and more important things are done.

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    Feature updates are currently on hold - needed maintenance patches will still come out.
    Expect v0.8 sometime this year, can't specify a timeframe at the moment.

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    v0.77-patch01 Maintenance October 2022

    • Extended the default size of spell records
    • Maintenance from upstream 2022-10 ruleset updates
    • Updated the custom damage dice mapping to FFd20 damage types

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