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    FFd20 (work in progress)

    This ruleset (Final Fanatsy d20, labeled FFd20 because of trademark) is early work in progress. Future updates until full release can break an existing campaign, play at your own risk.

    The rules can be found here: FFd20 Rules



    I am only familiar with 3.5E and a bit PFRPG, not with these rules. Interested people can download this ruleset and share their ideas with me here.


    The FFd20 ruleset is not authorized, approved, licensed, endorsed, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Square Enix. It is a non-commercial, fan-made ruleset for a tabletop roleplaying system. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against Square Enix.
    Any trademarked names are used in a fictional manner; no infringement is intended.
    This rulest is presented for simple personal use, not for sale or re-sale and thus is and will stay free.
    This ruleset is based off a merge of the 3.5E and PFRPG ruleset. The originally ruleset and included content are copyright by SmiteWorks USA, LLC

    When do you think the ruleset will be "done"
    I shoot for a release of version 1.0 spring 2023.

    What do you have planned for version 1.0?
    See the next post where I'll list the roadmap and changelog.

    Can I help?
    Sure, write a forum post, shoot me a PM or contanct via GitHub.

    What about data?
    I know of a few people who are actively doing modules for FFd20, that's how I came to start developing this.

    Technical Stuff?
    - The base of this ruleset is a merge of the available 3.5e and PFRPG ruleset code stripped of all 3.5e specific things.
    - I've deleted all tooltips for now. That's because UI/UX issues are more obvious that way.
    - I've completely deleted the minisheet
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    v0.8: Race / Heritages Support
    v0.9: Class / Archetype Support
    v1.0: Optional Systems

    v0.1 - Initial release
    v0.2 - Base character sheet overhaul
    v0.3 - Spellcasting, MP System & Co.
    v0.4 - Additional data records
    v0.5 - NPC updates and automation
    v0.6 - Status Effects and Automation
    v0.7 - Finishing equipment and magical item automation
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    Due to some sudden personal circumstances the development of this ruleset is currently on hold.
    It will probably continue mid-end of January 2022.

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    Development will continue next week.
    0.2 is scheduled somewhere mid-late febraury.

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    Just wanted to share what I'm currently working on.
    An easier language, speed and senses selection (more to come later).
    These are all constructed, meaning you can easily change the shown languages, senses and speed types by adjusting the corresponding lua tables in data_common.lua.

    Of course, this is not 100% done (see Scent)

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    An update to the ruleset is coming sometime tomorrow including the updates today (more on that tomorrow).

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    FFd20 Release v0.2

    - Rearranged mostly the main tab of the character sheet
    - Changed the size of the charsheet
    - Added part of the notes tab to the top selection of each character tab
    - Added an add symbol to the race and class fields opening the respective sidebar records. The class add symbol stays after adding a class to add more classes easily for a levelup.
    - Added "current" HP. All HP changes still work with wounds, current is just for an easier view of the character's health. This does not get synced to the combat tracker.
    - Added "Base Attack Bonus" to the Main tab
    - Added a language selection to the Main tab. You can select all ruleset language via the add symbol. You can delete them via the edit button or unchecking them in the selection and pressing ok.
    - Substantually increased the portrait size and changed the base portait for a better understanding for new users
    - The speak and token symbol are currently hidden. These will be at least partly re-enabled in v0.3. You can drop custom tokens which are different from the portrait onto the token field in the combat tracker.
    If you see a not so good resolution of the token on the map vs. the portrait you can drop the portrait onto the token field of the combat tracker. You can bypass the lossy portrait>token conversion with this.
    - Added a "T" symbol in the skills tab for trained skills
    - Changed the points spent on the skill tab to include the max skill points
    - Incorporated all upstream ruleset changes

    Forge update is now live!

    Edit: You might need to delete the existing currencies in an exisiting campaign via Options -> Currency and do a reload of the campaign to get the new currency manager working.
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    v0.21 First iteration of item changes and other fixes
    • [ADDED] Newest upstream changes
    • [ADDED] Combobox for item types and subtypes.
      The data these get are from the official PF1e SRD and the FFd20 ruleset. Older items from the PF1e SRD for example still work fine but the new type&subtype data got some entries in other places. For example: TYPE = Magic Item, SUBTYPE = Magical Weapon. With the new information we can have a more modular and accurate system.
    • [ADDED] Visiblity toggle for cost of items.
      This works independant of the id-function of the item. Non-visible cost for the players still work fine in the selling part of the party sheet.
    • [ADDED] Charges for Wands and Staffs
      Default values are 50 for both because you rarely create a wand with 0 active charges. If a wand has 0 charges the information gets hiden if the item is closed/readonly.
    • [ADDED] Subtype filter for the item masterindex window
    • [FIXED] Portrait size of connected players is now set to static 72*72px instead of the original portrait size

    Forge will get updated as soon as the changes are acknowledged.
    Edit: Forge is live.


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    v0.22 Item enhancements & Materia implementation

    • [ADDED] Slot stringfield for magic items
    • [ADDED] Activation stringfield for magic items
    • [ADDED] Materia
      Materia items now have the necessary fields for information. The XP needed to level up a Materia is autocalculated and dependant of the materia rarity and materia level.
      No further automation is implemented for Materia at the moment, tracking needs to be done manually for now. There will be improvements in the future.
    • [CHANGED] Sorting of the type and subtype comboboxes to show a more comprehensible list

    Here is a image showing the materia changes:

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    Next update will probably take a few weeks as I'm currently implementing the MP system for spellcasting which is a major undertaking and needs extended planning, coding and testing.

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