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    LFP Rolemaster Classic

    Just wondering if there is anyone interested in joining a Rolemaster Campaign? I am looking to GM. Thanks!

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    what kind of game setting are you thinking about? Also, any ideas on dates or times? where are you located at?

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    Hey Nod, I was thinking of a combination of Middle Earth and the Rolemaster universe. I used to GM MERP and Rolemaster classic a lot in the normal pencil and paper way back in the day, I tried doing the online thing earlier this year using ERA and Roll20, which was only moderately successful. I am new to Fantasy Grounds, so I would need to get up to speed on it. It would start until sometime in January of the new year. I am located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I am looking for a minimum of 3 players.

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    sounds like fun. i played years of MERP back in the day (1980's). in fact, i have built (nearly complete) a ruleset for MERP based on the rolemaster ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. let me know if you want to use it. Please let me know if you get enough players to spin-up a game. i would certainly be interested. BTW, i'm on the west coast of the USA in Oregon, so i'm 3 hours behind you.

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    If you need to get up to speed, check out this YouTube channel

    He has a couple of playlists for Rolemaster, one with short videos on various topics, and a second showing actual campaign play. They are for FG Classic, but it shouldn’t be too different in Unity.

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    I'd be interested. I live in CST and would be available on Weekends. I'm fairly experienced with FG but it's been awhile since I played Rolemaster and that was Rolemaster SS. Let me know if you would like any additional information.

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    Ok cool, just need another player. If anyone knows of someone else who be interested in playing, please send them the link to this thread.

    Nod, when you say you you built a MERP ruleset, do you mean you have a ruleset that is basically the same as the old MERP (i.e. a simplified version of Rolemaster?). I prefer the Rolemaster classic ruleset. I use MERP mainly for it's world building and because I am familiar with the LOTR books. One variation I would like to introduce is that monster crits are maximum C (A-B=A, B-C=D,E=C). Not sure if this is possible with FG. I will start brushing up and get back soon. Thanks guys!

    BTW, do saturday evenings work for people?

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    I'd be interested in a MERP based RM campaign. Saturdays it would just depend on start time...end time not that big of an issue
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    I have played RMC before, and would also be interested in MERP. I have played through the first two adventures of the Court of Ardor. My timezone is GMT and Saturdays would be the best day for me.

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