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    Map for Darkshelf Quarry A0 Against the Slave Lords.

    Hi, making a map, with CC3, for the module A0 Against the Slave Lords.

    The original is poor quality monochrome and is not to scale. I'm not claiming mine is to scale, but it is far closer to being 'in scale' than the original. It also doesn't really match up with access routes but I doubt the players will notice. I'm going to do a separate Pelyra river access map and a map of Darkshelf and it's immediate surroundings.

    If I can't find any maps online I'll also do an encounter battle map for the general Pelyra river and one for a woods/brush encounter.

    First of all, it's not finished! I'm posting so that I can get advice and critique on what I've done so far and advice on finishing the map. I also have to decide what to put in the bright green grass area around the quarry and have to decide what to do in the bottom south east corner.

    This is my first time using the cliffs symbols in CC3 and I think they look pretty good. I would have liked a selection of tunnel/mine/cave entrances, some stone steps and maybe a few fissures. Apparently I can make my own but I doubt my ability (and time) to do so.

    The campaign kicks off in January so I have my work cut out.

    Attached is my (unfinished) map and the original.



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    Nice, thanks for sharing! Against the Slave Lord is a campaign I always loved. Keep thinking I should run it for a campaign one of these days

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