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    LFG 1 player CST US

    FG License: I have an ultimate FG classic and FGU License
    Time Zone: Central Time USA.
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Thursday, Friday Or Saturday Evenings (if Thursday 6pm CST) Weekly would be great
    Term: i.e. Long term
    Voice: Can use voice chat, Have Discord currently. Can get team speak or what ever is being used.

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5e, but willing to learn or play another system
    Game System Experience: High amount of experience playing 5e, played Pathfinder for a couple of years off and on, and starfinder for like 2 sessions, I played about 24 3.5 sessions so though I can I will basically be a noob .
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Very Experienced with Fantasy grounds, have used it the last four years or so.

    Character Type Preferred: I Enjoy Wizards, Rogues, Paladins, and Clerics but I'm honestly up for what ever.
    About me: I have played in a few online games that range from very heavy RP (65-35) to an even balance (50/50) to even a more combat oriented dungeon delver type experience with some story hooks. I prefer a relatively balanced game, though not necessarily balanced every session (As a DM my self I understand sometimes a session gets real combat heavy real fast.) I have played for about 9 years and DMed for about 6 years. I would prefer to be a player. I enjoy building my character based on concepts from their back story, but have no problem filling a role and figuring it out from there.

    I am actively looking so send me a PM if you find this thread, I will mark this if I find a game (or remove it if I figure out how.) So with that Into the breach my good fellows!
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