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    PF Effect Removal Extension

    This is a continuation/change of ownership of the extension previously released here.

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    Thanks for taking this over Darrenan. Can confirm your fix has resolved the error that was throwing with version 4.1.12.

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    This works with 4E if you want to add the compatibility to the core extension.
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    The Forge link for FGU users, and the direct download for FGC users, are both in post #2 above.

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    I have an extension loaded called 5e player effect removal that looks similar (identical?) to this. Is this the same extension?

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    This one is for D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder 1 only.

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    After a user request and some investigation, this extension now officially works with Starfinder as well. A new build has been pushed to the Forge and attached to post #2 above which adds SFRPG as one of the rulesets this extension will work with.
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    I am thinking your extension and Better Combat Effects are incompatible (assuming due to both having a STACK command that work differently), https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/76/view Any chance of getting them to play nice?
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    v2.1, a FG 4.2.0 compatibility release, has been uploaded to the Forge, and attached to post #2 above. No new features or functionality.

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