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    Issue with new Updated

    Since updating while using Savage Pathfinders ruleset as the GM my npc voice no longer works even though it shows it in the npc name box and I can switch from npc to npc, when I type it comes up without the name of the speaker. Also the mood box fails to work even though its turned on. All extensions have been turned off to make sure it wasnt that. OPening a new instance for a player page also the mood fails to work there as well however it does work for a player of mine when he used it on his computer. Any idea?

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    Does anyone else have this issue?

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    I have the issue.

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    Well thankfully its not just me. Thats a small bit of validation. Thanks for chiming in

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    I will take a look at this soon. Just focusing on investigating a variety of reports across a bunch of products (big update with over 160 DLC this week, including all rulesets).


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    Not a problem Moon! Thanks, but since my group uses solely text its a big deal for us. I also however understand its not for many who use voice and I also understand your swamped.

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    Just found the issue for this, and pushed a hot fix for the Savage Worlds rulesets. Please run a new Check for Updates, and try again.


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    Thank you so much Moon, whatever you did fixed the issue and it now functions properly!

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