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    Is there a way to switch to the AAC (Ascending Armor Class)?

    Is there a way to switch to the AAC (Ascending Armor Class)?

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    There isn't a way to do this. It's listed on the product page on the FG Forge page due to technical reasons.
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    I see that now thanks. Too bad, Roll20 has a simple way to turn it on or off.

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    If I didn't automate all the attack rolls it would be easy to turn it off.

    Edit.: Are you familiar with using the combat tracker? If you are drop the dice from your attack onto a NPC. You will see the code does the matrix lookup for you. Alternatively roll without targeting. Grab the result from chat and a sword icon will appear. Drop that on the npc token on your map or the CT.

    If you need help with FG please let me know.
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