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    LFG Age of Ashes

    FG License: Ultimate Unity
    Game System: Pathfinder 2e

    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Day of week and time: The game will start in February. I want to run the game at least once per week. Because I work shifts after each session we will agree on the day for the following week.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: That game will always start at 18.00 GMT+1 and last for 4+h at least once per week.
    Term: Long term completion of Age of Ashes AP and beyond if you want to stay.
    About me: I am relatively new to Pathfinder. I run age of ashes for my friends who never done pathfinder either, so we are learning the system, as we play. I will appreciate if I misunderstand the rules to let me know during the game or help if I havent encountered something.
    I am looking for 5 players. In you comment let me know what days you are usually available.
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    Hi I want to try pathfinder can I join this game

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