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    We found our players, thanks

    FG License:GM has Full FG Unity so players need at least Demo.
    Game System: 5e .

    Time Zone:Central Time USA.
    Day of week and time:Thursday's 1900/7:00 to 2300/11:00
    If new game, planned start date:We are about 6 months into the Campaign so you would be starting out at level 5.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 4 Hour session, Weekly.
    Term:This will be a long term game, could possible go another year. Please be able to commit to this time.

    Text or Voice:Voice.
    Voice software used: Discord.
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No, this is a private game.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50. The world is huge, there are multiple things to work on in game besides adventuring.
    Number of Players in game & needed:Have 3 players, need 2 more.
    Character starting level & equipment:You will be starting out at level 5.
    Character restrictions:No real restrictions as long as it works with your backstory. All final race/class will need to be approved by the DM, so get your best pitch ready.

    Details of your scenario:Without giving too much away so it doesn't influence your race/class choice. You will be joining a barbarian, cleric, and druid on their current adventure. We have been tasked with finding the Moonshard, an artifact that keeps the town of Longshadow from utter devastation. We have been gathering clues and chasing the thieves across the land. There is so much more but you can read the notes for the last six months when you join us.
    ***There are extensive house rules that bring the game to life and make the world feel real. The DM is fair with rulings and plays the mobs/NPC (sorry no funny voices) like they are intelligent beings. You will need to think about how you interact in game, and what consequences they might have for you and the group. If not it might cost you dearly, if there is a bridge there is an ambush....
    ***This is an 18+ game so if you are easily offended i.e. personal pronouns are important to you, this is not the game for you. We are all adults and have no desire in being PC in a game. We aren't a--holes just to old to worry such things. Most important thing you can bring to the table is a good attitude, willingness to have fun, and for God sake if you don't think you can commit to making the game on a weekly basis don't waste our time.

    We are full.

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    I'm interested. Would like to join if there's still room.

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    I'm the DM of this campaign.

    You can direct questions at either of us.

    As Goog said, the primary qualities of prospective players are:

    1. Be prepared to show up weekly (I almost never cancel sessions, I even ran the game when I had COVID) for the next year. Missing the occasional session is fine (it happens to everyone, but making it to the weekly game needs to be a priority for you).
    2. Be passionate about D&D.

    That's it.

    I'm not going to bother to putting "Be a good person" because it's a given. The reason we have open slots is because I removed a person who failed to meet that requirement. The players in my campaign are awesome, dependable people and I refuse to allow people with terrible attitudes to disrupt the game. I'm not saying walk on eggshells. None of us are easily offended. What I'm saying is -- we want players we look forward to spending 4 hours with each week. If we dread having to interact with you, you're doing it wrong.

    Finally, the vast majority of the campaign will take place in the Underdark. Not exclusively, but much of it.

    P.S. I or Goog will speak with every prospective player to see if your wants/needs line up with our campaign and play style. This is so no ones time ends up getting wasted.

    P.P.S. New players will be given my ~50pg PDF of houserules. Don't let it scare you. I've simply expanded 5e in the places where it needed help. I.e. Harvesting creatures, expanded crafting, expanded player skills, etc.
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    Just the mention of expanded crafting rules is an exciteing thing to me. Ive allready sent my pm to Googanot but if you want me to send one to you I can.
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    Thanks for you interest in the game. We did fill the spots. If anything opens up in the future we would love to reach back out to you.


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