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    Add spell to monster

    I want to add the snowball spell to an ice golem. Not sure how do do this.

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    Monsters in purchased content are locked and cannot be edited. Make a copy of the monster, unlock the copy, edit away.

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    Creatures in reference material (bestiaries, etc.)are read-only and can't be edited, but you can copy the creature and edit the copy. Creatures in adventures aren't read-only and can be edited.

    All FG creatures will start off as locked - if the padlock icon in the top right of the creature record is black, not red, it can be unlocked and edited.

    You can also edit creatures once they are added to the combat tracker - but you'll only be editing the single record in the combat tracker. So only use this for one-off changes on the fly.

    @Frodie - if you want to edit the Ice Golem from the Bestiary 2 reference material, do as @Stargrove mentions. You'll then need to add a new spell class to the spells tab, give it at least "1" use for level 1, then drag/drop the snowball spell to the Level 1 header.
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