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    (paid) (pathfinder 1E) (Dark sun AD&D setting) (Fridays) (11 pm uk ) (6 pm est)

    Iam Doom Hippy i have been running games for 15 years on FG for 2 years

    As a Dm i find my strengths are in keeping a open world running Npc interactions need
    to feel Real and have impact on the game i would say my games heavy roleplay and tactical battle

    i keep my games moving at a good speed lots of time for roleplay and
    laughs but i keep the party on point and the tactical combat sharp getting the mix right for the party is what i do !!!

    My sessions are open to everyone old school players new LGBT all are welcome !!!
    all levels of knowledge beginner to well seasoned players are welcome !!

    This campaign will be played as written when first released Slavery is commonplace !!!!

    iam using darksuns AD&D converted to run on pathfinder 1e

    (11 pm uk ) (6 pm est)

    4/6 Players 3 seats left !!

    Rule set
    Pathfinder 1E

    AD&D Dark Sun setting

    Athas is a devastated world, the result of magic run amok.
    Most of Athas is an empty desert, interrupted by a handful of corrupt city states controlled by power-mad sorcerer-kings and their spell-wielding lackeys.
    The brutal climate and the oppressive rule of the sorcerer-kings have created a corrupt, bloodthirsty, and desperate culture that leaves little room for chivalric virtues common to fantasy settings (hence why paladins are excluded) Slavery is commonplace, gladiatorial duels provide entertainment for the elite, and death permeates the culture. As rain falls only once per decade in some areas, water is more precious than gold. Due to the scarcity of natural resources, few wizards have access to books made of paper pages and hard covers; instead, they record their spells with string patterns and complex knots. Metal is also rare, affecting both the economy and the quality of equipment. The ceramic coin, made from clay and glazed in various colors, is the primary medium of exchange, worth about a hundredth of a gold piece. Weapons typically consist of obsidian, bone, and wood, and are prone to breaking. Only a single dragon exists in all of Athas, a monstrosity whose appearance heralds disasters of catastrophic proportions

    Arcane magic draws its power from the life force of plants or living creatures, with the potential to cause tremendous harm to the environment. As a result, wizards and other arcane casters are despised and must practice in secret.
    Psionics are extremely common with nearly every living thing having at least a modicum of psionic ability. Due to a scarcity of metal, weapons and Armor are made from natural materials such as bone, stone, wood, carapace or obsidian

    Athas has no deities and no formal religions other than the cults created by the sorcerer-kings.
    There is some contention within the source material as to whether or not there were ever deities in the setting. suggest that there weren't ever any gods involved with Athas,

    discord https://discord.gg/W5GfZyuXxE

    (main post)

    Fantasy grounds unity pro
    players only need demo version to play

    (Game length)
    games last minimum of 3 to 5 Hours Never end in combat or encounter if it can be helped
    Will play as long as players can up to 5 Hours Max


    By PayPal
    10.00 a session 4 Sessions in advance

    4 sessions 40==$53.70

    I offer deals on bulk sets of sessions

    12 sessions 15% off 108= $144.99

    24 sessions 25% off 188=$252.40

    Thx for Looking DoomHippy
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    bump first session tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    dark suns starts im just over hour get that sunblock out guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 spaces left

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