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    I am completely lost with this Fantasy Grounds interface!

    Excuse me if this is not the right place to post this but I must share my view about this application. My friends and I were using Discord to play our D&D sessions but we needed something better to track combats and to roll dice. Than I found this Fantasy Grounds Unity wich promised a full integration with the ruleset of the books and also maps with dynamic lighting and very comprehensive combat tracking features. It seemed to be a perfect solution to all our need apart from one problem: the documentation. I swear that I'm trying to follow the instructions of the manual (wich I open through the launcher "user manual" button under "Getting Started" and I just can't find the same screens! It's so frustrating!
    I click on the Library button and the manual says that I should see this:
    But on my client the screen that shows up when I click on the Library button is this:

    I must say that the interface is very confusing and the manual doesn't help much as I can't correlate what's in the manual with what actually happens in the program.

    The same happens when I try to follow some tutorial on youtube. The interface is so different on the videos that I just can't find anything!

    It's just me or do you share the same kind of problems?

    Please I need the help of the more experienced users because I am almost giving up!
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    The interface has changed over time. The documentation sometimes lags behind the changes. It's definitely something that should be addressed.

    The Top portion (where it shows things like characters, classes, etc.) has been moved to the Settings>Sidebar.

    See here for an article that shows how the new Sidebar functions.

    NOTE: The sidebar will be changing again soon (perhaps as soon as this coming week).

    For the rest of the library, it functions the same as the older screen shot. Here is a newer article detailing the Library.

    Fantasy Grounds receives frequent updates, both to the Application itself and the Rulesets that sit on top of the application. Keep an eye here for updates to both.

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    Welcome to FGU.

    The interface has somewhat changed from your first screenshot and is now like the bottom one. Having said that the only real difference is that the buttons at the top are now actually in options. But then again come next week when the next update comes out the interface will have changed again.

    The principle is still very much the same though. As you can see in both screenshots the modules button is still in the same place and clicking on the books in the library left panel still opens the index in the right panel.

    You might want to sign up with the FG Academy here https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...uction-Join-us!

    Or join the official Discord here https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Discord-Server and we can give you some more direct help.

    Overall however from your screenshots you seem to have found your way around the Library and module activations screen just fine.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here https://www.fantasygrounds.com/featu...rerequests.php

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    Back in about March 2021 or so, a small group of friends and I decided we'd try this game and I volunteered to be the DM. I had a couple weeks to learn things well enough to get started and I commiserate with you because that first step or two is the hardest and for some reason very confusing. Just stick it out and watch the Youtube videos but make sure to have a discerning eye towards Fantasy Grounds *Unity.*

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    Two Discord servers I would look into is the FG Academy mentioned above, also FGPug (Fantasy Grounds Pick Up Games) https://fgpug.com/ is VERY welcoming to new players and they have DM mentors especially for 5th edition. To learn FG it's probably easiest to play a couple of games to learn the interface. Once you get it, and it won't take long, you'll be ready to DM with it in no time. This really is the best software when playing games. Foundry is very pretty but FG's gameplay is second to none.

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    The other big change in what you are seeing visually is because you are running a different theme.
    The manual is running vanilla 5E and you are running the Wizards 5E theme - that will also make things look different.

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    It does have a learning curve and the documentation is a bit outdated in some areas. I would follow the suggestions they mentioned above or if you have free time this week you could hit me up on discord @ djbreaktime#3935. I would be happy to walk you through any issues you are having and help provide some clarification as FGU is truly amazing once you get a handle on it.

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    FGU does have a learning curve to a complete newcomer to the VTT, but I believe it’s worth the effort especially if you focus on being a DM.

    Just a few years ago I was also new here and thinking “geez this is a lot to figure out”

    I immediately did two things

    Watch videos on YouTube and join a game as a player.

    After a couple weeks I discovered fantasy grounds academy (when it was fantasy grounds college). I signed up for I think it was 4 classes within 6 weeks.

    The classes were instrumental in building my comfort with the software.

    At that point I soon ran my first game with FG.

    I stumbled, I had to be corrected by my players…guess what? So what it’s how we learn.

    The rest as they say is history. Today I still don’t know everything about the VTT but I’m well comfortable to run a 5e game without worry.

    I just thought sharing my learning experience may help you as well learn.
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    I'm running via startplaying some tutorial sessions for both FGU and PF 1E. I don't profess to be an expert by any means but would be happy to help out anytime.

    Look for sessions being run by Celebrindal. And for all my tutorial and training sessions I don't charge anything.
    *Edit* I have since started charging a nominal $5 to discourage no-shows.

    Good luck.
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    Why can't your company produce a consistent and unified user manual?

    -->> The interface has changed COMPLETELY over time. The documentation ALWAYS lags behind the changes. It's definitely something that should be addressed as a failure to deliver a finished product

    Fifty different inaccurate and wrong videos on a completely unstable software engineering release cycle that changes "The interface has somewhat changed from your first screenshot ... But then again come next week when the next update comes out the interface will have changed again." by what is apparently whim are NOT a user manual.

    I am not interested in discord, or third party marketing portals pretending to be training, thanks.

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