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    LFP: Seeking 2-3 for D&D 5E Saturdays in the Forgotten Realms

    FG License: Unity Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5E
    Experience: Any level of experience is welcome.

    Time Zone: US Eastern (EST)
    Day of week and time: Weekly on Saturdays
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Noon - 4PM (sometimes 5PM)
    Term: Ongoing

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix:
    60/40 We’re a little combat heavy, but it varies per adventure & quest
    Number of Players in game & needed:
    2 + DMPC currently; seeking 2 or 3 more. (DMPC is mostly there to support the party and help move the plot along if needed)
    We’re a group of 30s+ professionals and would prefer similar.
    Character starting level & equipment:
    Party is currently level 6 with 2-3 Attunement magic items of Rare or lower rarity. ~1000gp.
    Character restrictions:
    WOTC officially published 5E only; no UA playtest materials. Would prefer no flying races.

    Details of your scenario:
    Homebrew-ish campaign set in the Forgetton Realms using a town south of the Sea of Fallen Stars & Chondalwood Forest that’s never been used in D&D material. Overall arc is a mix of Princes of the Apocalypse and Tyranny of Dragons with lots of side quests. After PoA & ToD… who knows. We’re currently running through The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Side quests tend to be updated adventures from previous versions of D&D or adventures from other publishers; either way they’re updated to be level appropriate for the party. To work with this, we use milestone leveling. If you have an adventure idea, it’s welcome at the table to develop. We’re pretty open about what’s going on in the adventure and campaign and respect the separation of player knowledge vs character knowledge.

    Homebrew touches all aspects of the campaign from magic items to character features to adventures. Instead of chasing power, we use homebrew to encourage creative and engaging combat. We’re more focused on the character than min/maxing and choices respecting that are encouraged.

    Character sheets made are available outside of Fantasy Grounds so you can review & notate outside of a game session.

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    I'd be interested. I'm available Saturdays. What classes do you already have? I've been DMing using FGU for a little over a year, would love to play.

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    I'm interested. Would love to join if a room is still open.

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    I'm interested, if there's room. I can make the specified times; I'm a mid-30's professional and play a druid (or other support class) by preference.

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    If there is another opening I would be interested

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