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    LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Tue or Thurs PST

    FG License: Ultimate Unity
    Time Zone: Pacific
    Available: Tues or Thurs, for 3-4 hours between 4 and 11pm, weekly or bi-weekly.
    Term: Long
    Voice: Discord or Skype

    Game System Preferred: D&D: 5, 2, 1, or old-school essentials; Conan or Infinity 2d20; Trinity: Core, Aeon, Aberrant, or Adventure; Savage Worlds (any including RIFTS, Rune Lords, Flash Gordon); Palladium (I don't know if there's a ruleset, but I'd be willing to try: RIFTS, Fantasy, Heroes Unlimited, or After the Bomb)

    Game System Experience: 35+ years of every flavor of D&D (DM and PC), 10+ years of Savage Worlds (DM and PC), have only done a one-shot of each Conan and Infinity (DM), have only read through Trinity Core.

    Fantasy Grounds Experience: I have been DMing with FGU since released to Kickstarters.

    Character Type Preferred: I'm mildly interested in trying an Artificer or Druid, but usually stick to Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, or Wizard. Usually dwarf, sometimes half-elf, occasionally gnome or halfling. If I play cleric, it's of war, with sword and shield at the front line. I usually let others pick what they want, then fill in the missing role. If by some miracle someone wants to run 2nd ed Dark Sun, then it's half-giant psionicist ;-)

    About me: I enjoy combat most. Working with teammates to accomplish a tactical goal. I don't do voices, I'm just not good at it, but I'm fine when other people do. I usually speak in 3rd person and am fine when others speak in character. I joke as much as anyone and stop if it gets distracting. I believe strongly in diversity and inclusion. I will not tolerate a player being an *** to another player, and I don't want to be around people who only pay attention during their turn.
    I am comfortable with mature topics in game, so long as we make sure everyone else is too. And PCs will never engage in or profit from: slavery, genocide, torture, etc, but these are evils to be overcome.

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    We're similar in viewpoint and I've been looking for a Tuesday game for forever. Keep me in mind if you find a Tuesday group that needs more than one person.

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