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    Dying Condition Question...

    I hope we are missing something, but does the PF2E ruleset not handle automatically putting the dying condition on an unconscious character and then rolling saves each round? If not, that is very disappointing. Tell me I am wrong?

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    It does not have automation yet, no. It was slated for the next major update to the PF2 ruleset, but the CoreRPG system that PF2 is built on has been receiving updates that are delaying the work.

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    I see. Thank you for the update. I hope that this will not be delayed too much longer, but the system is one I really like so for the time being, manual will have to do. Just really slows things down.

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    Players have space for that on their character sheets next to HP and can update themselves. It takes the load on the GM and keep them on their toes.

    (I'm also eagerly waiting for more automation, but this is way less critical than vulnerabilities, for example, which the ruleset have since the beginning and way before any other VTT).
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