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    The Demonplague Level 1-20 Campaign now available in The Forge

    Hello game masters!

    You can now get the entire best-selling Demonplague campaign for Fantasy Grounds Unity and D&D 5E via The Forge:

    First-time poster in these forums (well, I had FG almost two decades ago and posted a few times, but then nothing since, due to focusing on face-to-face games in the Before Times). So apologies if I'm breaking policies here with this self-promotion.

    The Demonplague was co-written by me and Wizards of the Coast adventure writer James Introcaso.

    All 372 pages of the original hardcover volume have been lovingly teleported into FGU over several months by a customer and fan of the adventure, Darren Anderson. On these forums his handle is @darrenan.

    Thank you @darrenan for doing such an amazing job!

    The Forge sales page has an overview of the adventure. You can find out more about it at my website: https://www.roleplayingtips.com/demonplague/

    The Demonplague will take first level player characters and turn them into 20th level heroes if your players make smart decisions. (So, my condolences lol!)

    I like adventures where you can resolve conflict through roleplay or combat - players' choice. And that's how The Demonplague is structured.

    There are many, many roleplay opportunities, inducing a town election where the PCs might run for council, side with a faction, or do simple quests to help faction(s) as mercenaries. There are also diabolical combats against a variety of foes. So you can decide how to play based on what kind of gameplay you and your group enjoys most.

    Screenshots of the adventure within FGU are here:

    Reply here if you have any questions.

    A big thanks to Doug Davison who helped me get things set up and sorted in The Forge and with Fantasy Grounds.

    And thanks again, @darrenan, for your attention to detail, passion for the campaign, and awesome FGU adventure building skills. (Disclaimer: @darrenan receives a % of each sale for his great work. And SmiteWorks also receives a portion of each sale - thank you for building FGU!)


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    That's @darrenan lol, but thanks for the credit!

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    Whoops! Mea culpa Darren. I've edited/fixed the post.

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    I have that book. Glad to see it was converted, will have to pick it up this week.
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