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    (PAID) pathfinder 2E (fists Of The Ruby Phoenix) (Wednesdays)

    Iam Doom Hippy i have been running games for 15 years on FG for 2 years

    As a Dm i find my strengths are in keeping a open world running Npc interactions need
    to feel Real and have impact on the game i would say my games heavy roleplay and tactical battle

    i keep my games moving at a good speed lots of time for roleplay and
    laughs but i keep the party on point and the tactical combat sharp getting the mix right for the party is what i do !!!

    My sessions are open to everyone old school players new LGBT all are welcome !!!
    all levels of knowledge beginner to well seasoned players are welcome !!

    Wednesdays 11pm uk 6pm est
    3/5 players


    The time has come again for the Ruby Phoenix Tournament!
    The sorcerer Hao Jin has invited only the strongest martial artists, adventurers, and fortune seekers to her world-famous fighting competition.
    The motley roster of contenders must compete for this decade's champion title and the choice of one of the Ruby Phoenix's grand treasures.
    Who will come out on top, and who will be left in the dust? There's only one way to find out!

    Fantasy grounds unity pro
    players only need demo version to play

    (Game length)
    games last minimum of 3 to 5 Hours Never end in combat or encounter if it can be helped
    Will play as long as players can up to 5 Hours Max

    Discord pop in for a chat or to book Adventure !!!
    Iam Doomhippy on discord !!!

    main post


    By PayPal
    10.00 a session 4 Sessions in advance

    4 sessions 40==$53.70

    I offer deals on bulk sets of sessions

    12 sessions 15% off 108= $144.99

    24 sessions 25% off 188=$252.40

    Thx for Looking DoomHippy
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    bump player update 4/6 2 seats left !!

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