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    Looking for FFG's Star Wars (EotE, AoR, FaD) Game to Join


    I am a long time gamer, (who recently discovered the FFG Star Wars system) looking to play.

    I acquired all three Core books just back in October (and have read all of Edge of the Empire.) I am big on actual “role play” and enjoy getting into character and communicating thusly. However I currently have no “real world experience” with the ‘narrative dice system’ (only “book smarts” thus far.) But I really want to play/learn the system.

    I am vastly familiar with the original three Star Wars films.

    If you have a group needing one more for EotE, AoR, or FaD – or are starting a group – I would be happy to join and fill any character deficit your player party may have. Anything from a trigger-happy Rodian bounty hunter to a peace-loving Droid medic. Or anything in-between.

    Looking for a “voice” game. Friday/Sat/Sun is best, but not required.
    I’m in the Pacific (Los Angeles) time zone.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Same here, long time player without any campaign at the moment and new to the city I live looking for a group to play with it if someone interested in recruiting players I am also interested in playing again.

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    there is a guy on this server who might Dm a game if there is enough interest (CaptainSparrow)

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    it is for a fantasy grounds platform game

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