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    Removing NPCs from Combat tracker WITHOUT deleting them (5E)

    I have several NPCs that were at one time combatants and in the Combat Tracker. (Horses, villages, surrender opponents, etc.) I can remove them from the combat tracker, but doing so deletes them from the map. Is there a way to remove non-combatants from the combat tracker and leave their tokens on the battle mat?

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    You can't directly leave a token that was linked to a CT entry on the map. However you can do a work-around - before removing the creature, open the NPC sheet from the CT (click the link to the right side of the entry), then drag/drop the token from the NPC sheet to the map - this will create a stand alone token (purely the graphic, no data) that isn't linked to the CT record. Then you can delete the CT record.
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    You could also use SkipTurn to skip their turn in the combat tracker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dire Weasel View Post
    You could also use SkipTurn to skip their turn in the combat tracker.
    Combat groups could do it. But its a paid for thing in forge. If there is something free to do what you'd want I'd go with that.
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