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    1 Player LFG D&D 5E CST (During school hours or after "bedtime")

    Strange requirements on the title line? Well, I'm a SAHM. I have to be available to my daughter after school hours. Family comes first.
    M-F 8 am-3 pm and after 8 pm She gets out of school at 3 and is home by 3:30. I cannot have it extended past 3 pm CST, her bedtime is 7:30, so I'm usually available again around 8 pm.
    S & S - after 8pm. Sorry, I just cannot play during the weekend when most people are available until after she goes to bed.

    Yes, I'm a chick. Normally my characters are male, but not exclusively. However, since I've run into this with another group I feel the need to say this: My character is not going to be interested in your character's @$$ or any other part of their body. Don't ask my character to touch your characters @$$, abs, or any other body part. If you play a naked barbarian, I don't care, but don't sit there every session and say my character is checking you out. I don't find this amusing.

    I'm sure this makes me sound like a b!tc#, but I have to make my availability and limits clear. My last group would tell you that I'm a sarcastic smartass and I love to laugh. "If you can laugh at yourself, you'll never run out of good material." I would love a group that allows for homebrew, but that's not a requirement. I would also love to start off at level 1 and play out till we're level 20.
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    Hey Matsi! I'm Jay, I have another post up on here looking for a player to join my Avernus group. Link here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...t-into-Avernus

    Give it a look and let me know if you have any interest in playing. I'll send you a link to the YouTube channel as well and hopefully it'll give you a better idea of what kind of group I have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqF91-QKMLs

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    Bump! Still looking.

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    I'd love to find a group during "school time" as well; especially early in the week. Have you had any luck?

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    Hello Matsi, Phithis,

    I would love to start a mon or Tuesday game starting early and ending by 3pm would be perfect.

    I'm an older retired fellow, I currently run games Monday and Tuesday nights and play on Wednesday

    Please feel free to reach out on the Discord Machine! I can be contacted at Shade#6233

    Good luck

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    Hi Ron, I added you on Discord. I'm Kronkite on there.

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    Ron, I'll go ahead and hit you up on Discord then. I would very much be interested in a daytime game!

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