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    Drag and drop on crits not related to attack tables

    OK so this issue relates to situations when someone casts a spell like Vacuum which does not roll an attack as such.
    Another example might be wall spells that do crits when someone walks through the wall but where no attack roll is needed.

    When resolving these "target takes a B impact crit" type situation, I open up the relevant crit table, get the character to roll a % score and look up the crit.
    All fine and dandy but I find I cannot select the result and so I cant drag it onto the target.
    So I have to manually add the damage, stun, penalties etc from the effects panel which is a bit laborious.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Drag the die roll to the appropriate column and then there should be a red Apply button towards the top left of the Resolver.
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    Hi rdenning,

    You will need to drag the table link to the Table Resolver. Then you can drag any result to the appropriate entry in the Combat Tracker.

    You can also setup an attack for it so the caster can roll the criticals for all the targets. Just create a new attack and drag the Impact table to the attack table field for the attack. Then it will open that table when it is rolled. It will also allow you to use the Apply button. The Apply button won't work if there isn't enough information for it to determine where to apply the results. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Hi rdenning - I had a similar issue - as JohnD said, drag the roll to the table and then 'click' on the table. This allows you to pick the crit column you need and makes the Apply button appear, so no need for all that manual stuff.



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    Forgot to say thanks - I got this working for us now.

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