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    [Paid] D&D 5e Court of the Bloodstone

    Well met fellow Faerūnians! I am recruiting for an upcoming original campaign in the wondrous settings created by Ed Greenwood and R.A. Salvatore.

    Set approximately 3 years after the events of R.A. Salvatore’s Hero in the Demon Lands of Faerūn. The hedonist King Yarin Frostmantle died in his sleep due complications from old age and an “accident” with a pillow. His widow, Queen Concettina Delcasio, has taken the throne and has embarked on a series of reforms much to the joy of the populace.

    Unlike the Kingdom of Cormyr, private industry is the real power in Damara. Trade Guilds were empowered to raise their own private armies and maintain the peace. King Frostmantle felt that if the guilds and nobles were fighting among themselves nobody would be powerful enough to challenge his rule.

    The Cult of Graz’zt is favored among the nobility who would rather party than rule their lands. King Frostmantle promoted Graz’zt through the freedom of religion law setup by the Dragonsbane dynasty, for if the nobles and commoners were always partying then they would not be sober enough to challenge his rule.

    Now Queen Delcasio must rely on foreign guild’s employees who are not yet embedded in the politics of Damara if she wants to get anything done. You have arrived in Damara seeking your fortune as an operative for the Thayan Guild of Foreign Trade in the Foreigner District of the capital of Helgabel. Can you navigate the political intrigue of the royal court while watching your back for sabotage from the local guilds or from noble and commoner alike?
    Still intrigued?

    Campaign Notes
    This is a high role play and political intrigue campaign with a focus on “who is behind it” spying and private detective work where you will be working for nobles of one land who are espionage and defense contractors to the rulers of another land. Combat is an optional task since spies rarely “clean up” what they find. Good and evil are not central themes, but instead chaos, sloth, and hedonism are at odds with law, industriousness, and duty. You will find Celestials, Modrons, and Devils on one side jointly building their presence with the rulers while the Demons, Slaad, and Celestial Eladrin whisper in the ears of mortals on the other side. Chromatic and Metallic Dragons have seats advising the royal court. In general the people are amoral and do what is best for them at the time. There are no heroes. Evil characters or a mixed party of good and evil characters will be successful in Damara.
    For those who played the 2nd Edition Bloodstone Pass modules this campaign is set approximately 150 years after the events in those modules.

    To bring the world of Faerūn to you, I have carefully researched Realms Lore and canon history using the following sources that are an active part of the story.
    • FORGOTTEN REALMS® Campaign Setting (1987, 1993, 2001, 2008)
    • Dreams of the Red Wizards (1998)
    • The Bloodstone Lands (1989)
    • The Shining South (1993)
    • Faiths and Avatars (1996)
    • Lords of Darkness (2001)
    • Unapproachable East (2003)
    • Shining South (2004)
    • Lost Empires of Faerūn (2005)
    • Power of Faerūn (2006)
    • Dragons of Faerūn (2006)
    • Sword Coast Adventurers Guide (2015)

    Supplemental resources not specific to FORGOTTEN REALMS® include
    • Planescape Campaign Setting (1994)
    • Manual of the Planes (1987, 2001, 2008)
    • Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook (2002)

    About the GM
    I started with Red Box D&D 35 years ago and ran my first campaign as a DM 34 years ago. I am a big fan of the Forgotten Realms setting and specialize in lore and history of Faerūn. I currently host 2nd Edition, 3.5rd Edition, and 5th Edition D&D games. The Forgotten Realms is a magical place and I hope to bring that magic to you.
    I focus on intrigue, moral quandaries, geopolitics, trade, mystery, and crime solving. Think high strangeness of the X-Files meets Scooby-Doo & Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel with a small dose of Law and Order. There will be lots of rubbing elbows with the nobility and the authorities, but still enough commoners at the tavern needing help to keep most adventurers busy.
    I run a professional shop and have an LLC, a Stripe merchant account, and a CoinPayments merchant account. This is a professional business and you can expect more than you would from a hobbyist.

    The Game Parts
    • Default to 5th Edition. Will run 2nd or 3rd Edition rules at group request.
    • Regularly Fridays Bi-Weekly 9pm-12am ET (GMT-4) + West Marches upon request
    • 18+ Only
    • Generally PG-13 but may be Rated-R, TV-MA, or M for Mature at times with themes similar to Conan, Beastmaster, The Barbarian Bros. Etc.
    • Fantasy Grounds for VTT
    • Optionally you may use Theater of the Mind and GM will drive your VTT
    • Syrinscape for Sound effects
    • Levels 1-20 and beyond
    • 3 hours Duration
    • Heavily focused on Role Play, political intrigue, and mystery
    • Setting agnostic characters permitted (Tasha’s, Volo’s, etc)
    • Faerūn specific characters, spells, etc. permitted
    • No Theros, Wildemount, Eberron, etc.
    • Players determine what is on screen vs off screen
    • No restrictions on character activities (NPC romance, torture, enslaving defeated opponents, etc)
    • Alignment does not exist in a classical sense. Be evil, good, or somewhere in between
    • 2e & 3e Henchmen & Hirelings, building a stronghold, owning a business will be a major component of the campaign

    Pricing and Application
    For an interview complete our Application Form.
    If accepted you will receive login information to our campaign wiki, and other materials.
    Payment must be received prior to session
    $25 credit cards via Stripe
    $22.50 cryptocurrency via CoinPayments
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