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    LFP for new AD&D campaign - 6-8 players wanted

    FG License: FGU Ultimate + D&D Classic bundle
    Game System: D&D Classic (2e) with content I've added
    Time Zone: Eastern USA
    Day of week and time: Saturday evenings, specific time TBD once enough players show interest
    Planned start date: TBD once enough players show interest
    Planned duration & frequency: 2-4 hours, weekly
    Term: Long term; would like this to be an evergreen campaign that we can always come back to, players may come and go, etc. No pre-defined story arc we have to follow or anything.

    Voice/Text: Discord

    Roleplay/Combat mix: 50/50

    Number of Players needed: 6-8 (please have a basic fluency in FG)

    Starting Levels & Equipment: Level 1, by the book

    Character Restrictions: Anything from the PHB is fine. I created some classes/races that are also allowed: 1e Assassin, 1e Monk, 1e Half-Orc, 1e Bard, 2e Psionicist. In general, I haven't been using non-weapon proficiencies or kits. If you want to use a kit, I'd prefer if it was from the 4 class handbooks because I'm somewhat familiar with those. That said, I'm pretty laid back, so if there is something you really want to run that isn't listed, let's chat. Basic backstories are fine (e.g. I'm a dwarf from the Crystalmist Mountains, seeking fortune in Greyhawk) but more than a paragraph is probably an indicator of bad fit for the campaign.

    Psionics are in play as a character option and I've got all powers from the Complete Psionics Handbook converted and coded. Unfortunately, PSP damage doesn't work in the ruleset right now, but we can manually adjust the values.

    Details of Game: This is my Greyhawk campaign from the 90s, updated and converted to FG. I run the game with the sensibilities you'd expect in a 1e AD&D game, but the actual rules are 2e. Bonus points if you don't care about the differences and just want to have fun.

    Campaign is based in the City of Greyhawk and Castle Greyhawk is nearby and ready for some plundering. I don't expect this campaign to be a full time dungeon crawl (unless the players want that). I imagine a mix of dungeon delves, city adventuring, and maybe a published module if things go that way. I like to throw in pop culture references and some humor here and there, though the overall tone of the game is serious. The initial setup will be the characters meeting on a ship that is arriving in the City of Greyhawk. Backstory-wise, you can make up a reason your character is on that ship. Adventure and mishaps to ensue from there.

    Combat-wise, I'm planning to use group initiative for NPCs and individual initiative for players. I'd prefer group init for both sides, but I also really like weapon speeds and casting times and individual init is the only way to automate those in FG. We'll take intentions for each round and then roll. Not using weapon vs armor, crits, or fumbles. Once we get into a groove as a group, I might experiment with combat options.

    The ideal players: You appreciate AD&D-style gaming, enjoy the dice falling where they may, and while you make an effort to have your character be effective, you aren't a professional min-maxer or rules lawyer. You are wise enough to avoid combat when possible and enjoy coming up with creative solutions. You don't come up with elaborate backstories for your characters, but rather let the story write itself through the events of the campaign. You love Fantasy Grounds, have at least a basic fluency with it, and appreciate the automation it brings.

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    I would be interested in playing. I'm pretty rusty on 2nd edition and haven't played it since 1997-98 but I'd willing to jump back in. At least I still know what THAC0 is lol.

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    I’m actually very interested. I’ve never played second edition, but a quick look at the rules for combat seem interesting. If you want a newbie at 2e let me know

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    Hi there,
    2E can be a ton of fun! I'm interested and experienced player in both 2E and FG.
    "That which doesn't kill you is probably gonna leave a mark..."

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    Hey, thanks for the interest! I sent you all a PM with a Discord link. Ping me if you didn't get it (I haven't used forums much in years so I may have done something wrong.) We'll discuss the game over on the Discord, set up the schedule, etc.

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    Hello. Are you still looking? This sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks!

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    I haven't played 2e. Im new to FG but I am trying to learn as much as I can about it. I haven't played D&D regularly since high school (98-02). I have been wanting to get with a group for a regular saturday session for a while. Im interested if you have any space available (and a little patience lol )

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    Hey folks, I have gotten a ton of interest in the game! Probably more players than I can handle! I’d like to see how things go with those who have reached out already. Experience tells me some will have conflicts, lose interest, real life happens, etc. I’ll reach out once the dust settles if there is room for more. Thanks so much for your interest!

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    Thanks for the update. Good luck!

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