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    Grim Press DMsGuild Black Friday Sales!

    Hey Folks,

    We have released two bundles on the DMsGuild at 80% OFF for Black Friday! Pick them up before the sale ends!!

    FANTASY GROUNDS Archetype Supernumerary

    14 products for $16.95
    FANTASY GROUNDS Fantastic Feats

    11 products for $12.95
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    As converter for Ranger Remastered and owner of most of the rest of the Archetype Supernumerary bundle I can say that these are definitely worth looking at if you are a class options junkie like me. I've had many of these options used in my home game with great success.
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    In the Archetype bundle is Untamed Magic, a new, rewritten Sorcerer Subclass which take the work out of the DM's hands and lets the player control it! Also included is Wild Magic Effects for other casters/classes and magic items!

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