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Thread: Hellfrost Issue

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    Hellfrost Issue

    I noticed a couple of issues with Hellfrost today. One, when you add an Arcane Background edge to a character it places it under Abilities instead of edges on the character sheet. Second, if you open the powers using the sidebar then click the Arcane Backgrounds button at the top of the window, it only has the default Savage Worlds options. None of the Hellfrost Arcane Backgrounds are there. Do you have to just manually create the Arcane Background in the powers tab and set the skill and no power points options?

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    I don't think Hellfrost has been updated to the newest version of the SWADE rule set. Doswell has the Hellfrost project, along with 1,000 others. He can say if it has been updated or when it will be.
    In the interim, you can set it up on the character like you asked. Under the covers, FGU copies the AB to the character, so doing this manually will work just fine.

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    Yo @Doswell - Hellfrost needs updating!
    Maybe I should have kept that 1001 project from you

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    This was caused by ruleset changes nothing to do with Hellfrost modules, I was told that Arcane Backgrounds were added.

    I have fixed it now should be in next update.
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    That extension as well as the Savage Worlds ruleset is currently undergoing changes in beta testing in the Test channel. I've pushed a new build there with the changes.


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    Thanks guys!

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    I tried adding a Hellfrost arcane background, but it still moved to the Ability pane instead of the edges. I'm assuming it's still being worked on.
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