Iam Doom Hippy AKA Audin i have been running games for 15 years

my sessions ae heavy roleplay and tactical combat

i have 5 spaces for this adventure 0/5 players


With the discovery of an uncharted, resource-rich, and uninhabited planet in the Vast,
several factions begin a joint settlement effort,
and the heroes are given the chance to be the scouts and administrators of one such charter.
As they explore the surrounding wilderness and grow their new settlement
, they must contend with all manner of problems,
from wild animal attacks to dissatisfied settlers. And the planet holds mysteries beyond counting!

This is kingmaker in space :--)

Game time and day

(Wednesdays) (11pm uk) (6pm est)

1st game 1st December

main sever

Doomhippy#2345 on discord if you want to add me
and drop in for a chat

my main fantasy grounds post

(Game length)
games last minimum of 3 to 5 Hours Never end in combat or encounter if it can be helped Will play as long as players can up to 5 Hours Max


By PayPal
10.00 a session 4 Sessions in advance

4 sessions 40==$53.70

I offer deals on bulk sets of sessions

12 sessions 15% off 108= $144.99

24 sessions 25% off 188=$252.40

thx for looking doomhippy