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    Black Friday Sales are Live Now - with limited time Bundle options

    Sales are all live on our store and on Steam. For several bundles, we are doing something a little different this time and we have a handful of bundles that are allowing a limited time offer of a deep discount that will only be available during the sale.

    All bundles for D&D, Pathfinder 1E, Pathfinder 2E, and Starfinder will grant a total of approximately 50% off when you complete the bundle during the sale. There are a few exceptions for newer items that only get 37.5% off instead. You can still buy products individually for 20% off, but you will see the massive discount if you complete a bundle. We also recommend only completing a single bundle in each order. We have seen reports where PayPal struggles with orders over a certain # of items.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Store > Bundles

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    What is the length of the Black Friday sale?

    These are the modules and extensions created and/or taken over by dellanx for PFRPG.

    I had a lot of help and advice from many here at FG.

    Thank You!

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    Good through Dec 1st

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    The bundles give specifics
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I assume not, but is there any way to complete bundles that include items that have already been purchased from Steam?

    I have a bunch of DLC I bought on my steam account, my accounts are linked, and these items all show up properly in my order history. However, when I go to the bundle pages and click to complete bundle, it only excludes the books I've bought directly from Smiteworks, so the bundles end up costing significantly more than just buying books individually would.

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    Generally for bundles you want to buy everything either from Smiteworks or Steam. They are separate stores and Valve takes a pretty big cut when you buy from Steam. You can reach out to Smitework's Customer service to see if they can help you with the Smiteworks store giving you credit for stuff you bought on Steam.

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    The same offers are on Steam.

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    I would rather purchase directly from Smiteworks than from Steam, but it appears the discounts are better at the latter? For example, Ghosts of Saltmarsh shows up at $22.49 at Steam, and $23.99 here. And the 5e Adventures bundle is $227.40 here, and $217.72 at Steam.

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    Yeah, that's what I figured. I was looking to start buying directly from Smiteworks, since like you said that puts more money in their pockets. But for the adventure bundle, it's a difference of $50 for me between completing on Steam or on Smite works. Guess I'll reach out to customer service just to see, but I suspect I'll just end up having to get it on Steam.

    EDIT: reached out to customer support and they had my issue settled immediately.
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