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    A tribute to David Middleton - The Digital Dungeon Master

    Is it possible to feel that you have lost a friend that you have never met in person? To answer, I believe that it is. David Middleton not only reintroduced me to the hobby, but also
    sold me on Fantasy Grounds and guided me to become more proficient with the program. I have shared his tutorials with my gaming groups and have used so many of them as a reference. Through time,
    each eventually enabled me to become a better gm and player within the Fantasy Grounds interface. His humor, patience, dedication, passion, and humble nature were always characteristics
    that I strove to emulate.

    I have personally felt a deep sense of loss this week, and simply wanted to pay tribute by sharing some of my favorite videos associated with David, this system, and his methods. All have allowed and encouraged the Fantasy Grounds Savage
    Worlds Community to grow. Though he has done so much more across eclectic systems, this is my Savage tribute to him.

    Though I wish I could be more eloquent, this is what I have to offer.

    RIP David, I shall miss you my unknown friend. I wish you would have been given the time to create and share more of your experiences and adventures. You will be so very missed. As many have said, I hope to roll the dice
    with you "on the other side".

    To the Savage-DDM!
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    Thank you for doing this - I feel the same sense of loss. I never met him. I had a few interactions through support for FGU (he was always very helpful) and through his various videos.

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    Thank you for this. This gentleman was responsible for my FG education and I appreciate his contributions to our world. He will be missed.

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