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    [Online][PF1e][CT] Looking for 1 more player for PF Scenario The Quest For Perfection

    FG License: Unity Ultimate
    Game System: Pathfinder 1E
    Time Zone: Central
    Time and Date: 10 AM CST 11/27/2021
    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? : No
    Roleplay & Combat mix: One Shots 20/80
    Number of Players in game & needed: 1 player (newcomers welcomed!)
    Character starting level & equipment: Level 1 (standard starting wealth)

    Allowed Materials:
    Core Rule Book
    Advance Race Guide
    Advance Player Guide
    Advance Class Guide
    Ultimate Magic
    Occult Adventures
    Ultimate Equipment
    Ultimate Combat
    Ultimate Campaign
    Ultimate Wilderness
    Bastards of Golarion
    The Harrow Handbook
    Inner Sea World Guide
    Inner Sea Magic
    Divine Anthology
    Blood of the Beast
    Melee Tactics Toolbox
    Range Tactics Toolbox

    Details of your scenario:

    In the distant land of Tian Xia, the Pathfinder Society's Lantern Lodge sends a team of agents high into the mountains of the Wall of Heaven to an abandoned Iroran monastery in search of a powerful relic to assist them in ensure victory in the upcoming Ruby Phoenix Tournament. Though the monastery has long laid unused by the faithful of the Master of Masters, it is not completely devoid of danger, and the PCs soon discover that merely retrieving the ancient artifact is but the beginning of a much larger quest.

    If you have any questions please feel free to post here!

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    The game has filled up

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