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    Hi there,
    is there a way to store the default decal.png somewhere else than in a mod file, e.g. similar to this "graphics/decals/[email protected] Assets" and store the png file in the graphics-folder of the ruleset?

    I think it is not very practical to ask a Forge User to subscribe to a ruleset and a module at the same time and many users will miss the module. Or is there a way to have both installed to the user with one click?
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    No. Decals can only be included as part of modules in the new code. And modules with no db.xml/client.xml file will only add assets, not be shown in Data Modules list in Library.

    Can you not add both an extension and module to a single product in the Forge? I'll check with the developer, because you should be able to.


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    According to our Forge developer, you should be able to load both a .ext and a .mod file into a single product on the Forge.


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    Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try.

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    You can indeed upload a ruleset and a module into a single product by adding both items to the upload and then submit both in one go. Thanks!

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