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    Need better options to set up grid

    I use scanned maps from published adventures when I use Fantasy Grounds 2.

    Whenever I turn on the grid layer, I can never get the grid to line up with the squares on the original map. It would be great to have some options or controls to fine-tune the grid (4 directions, up/down size by pixel).

    If I turn off the grid, I miss a lot of the features that are built in, such as effect grids, token highlights, threatened areas, ...


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    Yes, I have the same issue. I can usually get the grid to look ok in a small area but as you get further away from where I first started the grid the offsett gets larger and larger.


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    This happens because the grid size doesn't match the preprinted grid. You can try again, making the grid one pixel wider or smaller, but ultimately, the preprinted grid may not be an integer number of pixels wide. No amount of fine-tuning will fix that. However, you can minimize the effect by drawing the example grid square in the middle of the map. Since the edge of the map is the smallest distance possible from the "correct" grid square in all directions, there won't be as much error built up by the time you get to the edge.

    You can rescale the map in a graphics editor to fix the problem completely, though.

    Measure the number of pixels across the whole map from a grid line on one side of the map to a grid line on the other side. Divide that by the number of grid squares in between those two lines, giving you the number of pixels per grid square. Divide the desired number of pixels per grid square by the answer you just got, giving you the ratio of desired scale to current scale.

    Some graphics programs will let you use that ratio directly (or sometimes as a percent scaling factor), and it will figure out the desired dimensions of the image. If not, you can multiply the current dimensions of the map by that ratio, and that tells you what the desired dimensions of the map will be.

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    The "grid" problem and the inadequate line-of-sight/fog-of-war feature are the two things I'd most like to see corrected during future updates. I know that some of my problems with these two features would be reduced if only I were better at the technical stuff, but, alas, I'm not.
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    I'll put my voice in on this too. All you really need is two sets of controls for the grid - size in pixels, and position. This would really be nice.

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    While this would be a nice feature, it would not solve the most common problem of matching grids - which is the grid side on the map is not an integer number.

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    Fine, than allow for micro-scaling of the map image too.

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    An alternative might be to allow a 'top left' and 'bottom right' grid anchor, and then specify how many rows/columns lie between. That should enable a more robust fit to scanned maps and also address the non-integer problem.

    Just a thought.


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    I found that resizing the maps has worked best for me.
    I use 50 pixel per square.
    So I crop the border if there's any and then count the number of squares from left to right.
    I multiply by 50 (pixels/square) and that's the size my map needs to be for all my token to fit without locking the token scales or playing around in the combat tracker (though it's still nice to have these options availlable for special cases)
    Then I just resize the map and voilà!
    It works everytime with perfection.
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    That sounds like a good solution. Just have to hope the graphics aren't too distorted by the resizing, but it should solve the grid problems every time.

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