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    can't use "user" modules

    i'm trying to creat "players" modules, but, my players can't download and use them ?
    what's wrong ?

    First, i creat a small module with for exemple the background

    i do that;

    then on my master "fantasy ground"
    i see my modules and the 2 players module i have made
    i try a "client data" and a "common shared"

    and then on a player computer, he can see the "officials modules" and use it, he can see the "custom modules" but can't use it...;

    What can i do

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    Well, the player clients in FG2 don't have access to the story node or the maps/images node.

    Building modules that players can really use has to be done by hand in the XML. The Exporting of modules through the interface is mainly to concatenate things for adventure or reference for the GM. For player side modules, special windowclasses need to be used and if you unzip one of the build in d20 modules you can see how its done.

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    it'll be a great idea to be able to use the exporting module for client side (story and map node)
    for exemple, if i want to give the "world background" or the "world map" for player.... or why not lots of big story books to read with some traks to resolve the quest...

    and for people who don't know xml ( and don't want to know it)....

    thank you

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    Just a FYI zifnab69 if you do have a shared module you need to force load it not just OK it. IE use the lightning bolt not the check or they won't get it.

    If I had to guess I would expect the /export to get more functionality over time and we may eventually get what you want.

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