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    I'm not sure if this has been reported before, but whenever I have only Mad Nomad's Character Effects Display and Capital Gains on, it doesn't show anything in the action tab for the in-box text for resource spending.

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    Yep. The issue is known to both MeAndUnique and Mad Nomad. However, it's an issue that Mad Nomad has to fix. It may help if you go to his Discord channel on Rob2Es server and report the issue.

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    Just released version 2.0.5 with a bug fix for (S)GRANTS effects.
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    I was experimenting with the ext and I could not seem to get the following to work. Maybe it can not do it, but I thought I ask.

    I created a resource called Divine light. I used the AE ext to add: RSRCHEALT: [SPENT(Divine Light)]d6 to the character. I add an effect that spends Divine Light using the modifier box. When I click it I get the resource is spent in chat but no healing occurs. Maybe the [ ] did not resolve to a number? I assume it is the way AE resolves the effect. If I use RSRCHEALT: Divine Light it heals the amount equal to the modifier box. Thanks!

    Edit: alternately, might it be that RSRCHEALT is decoding the number from the spent but is not rolling the dice to heal? Just thinking out loud.

    Edit2: I cannot get the []d6 part of the effect to pass to the RSRCHEALT. It appears to not be an issue with AE and maybe I am asking the ext to do something it was not designed to due.
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